Elite Training is a post season training camp started by coach Val Hernandez and coach Aaron Hernandez. Training camp is for those who want to be properly prepared for upcoming post-season tryouts. Not all players have access to facilities, ice-time, or trainers after the season. Elite Training was created to change that. Training is comprised of both on-ice and off-ice sessions. The inaugural camp was a two month camp (April and May) for ten skaters and two goaltenders to get one on one instruction in preparation for higher level post season tryout camps. In it's inaugural session, Elite Training had five of it's twelve players make NAHL main camps. One of the five (Jeffrey Skinner) has advanced to the NAHL for the 2015-2016 season with others still in the process of completing their main camps. 

For more information, contact coach Aaron Hernandez.


SPECIAL THANKS to Deb and Walt Conrad, Kathy and Harry Moore, Jennifer and David Burke, Karen Ziemke and Jody Cutter, Joyce and Keith Dewitz, the entire Healthpoint staff, the entire Alice Noble Ice Arena staff, the entire Center Ice Arena staff, Traver McLeod and everyone who made this training camp possible for the players.