Billet Info/Process

Billet Information and Process

Initial Application Process

All families interested in billeting a player are required to first fill out a housing application. This first step in the billeting process provides our organization with initial background information regarding the current living environment of the interested party. All interested parties can obtain an application from the Wooster Oilers website at under the BILLETING TAB > APPLICATION.

All housing applications are reviewed upon receipt. An email is sent to notify the party that their application has been received.

You are not obligated when you fill out an application.  It basically provides us with contact information to get in contact with you.


Interviews will be established based on the information provided in the housing application. The interview is arranged to take place in the home of the potential housing family. This interview provides the Oilers staff a first hand opportunity to discuss the team housing program and policies in detail with the housing family.  Families, in turn, have the opportunity at this time to ask questions pertaining to the team’s housing program.

The interview provides the Oilers staff a look at the environment a player could be living in. A tour of the home is requested with much of the emphasis placed on the player’s bedroom and bathroom facilities.

Background Checks

As per USA Hockey rules, the North American 3 Hockey League and the Wooster Oilers, all persons who come into direct physical contact with or authority over players, shall consent to a background screening.  This includes any and all persons living in the billet’s home who are 18 years of age or older.

These background checks are to determine whether the signer is the subject of any reported criminal conviction or otherwise poses a risk to the safety and well-being of participants under his/her direction or stewardship.

Information will be provided for you with directions for submitting to this background check.  All information is confidential.


Billet Selection Policies continued



The decision to approve or disapprove a home for billeting comes after a careful review of the information compiled from the housing application, the interview and the background check.  The Oilers’ staff will notify the family by phone or a personal visit once that decision is made.

Player Placement

We take each approved housing application and carefully cross-reference them with the housing questionnaire that the players themselves have completed prior to their arrival for camp. The Oilers staff selects the players they feel are most suitable to the billet family.

Once the Oilers staff has matched the families to the players, you are notified by phone and given all pertinent information regarding the player(s) and contact information. The player is also notified and given information about your family. The player is then instructed to contact you so dialog can start between your family, the player and his family.